Enhanced Leadership Pathway

Enhanced Leadership Pathway

The opportunities in the Enhanced Leadership Pathway will enable managers to develop further in specialist leadership areas of interest creating a skilled community of practice offering inspired leadership across the system.

Areas for Enhanced Leadership Pathway

Developing business, administration and digital skills Developing business, administration and digital skills

Accredited leadership development L5+

The role of a registered manager has become increasingly more complex, requiring a skills set that can cope with new challenges and leadership in specialist care services including supporting people with long term conditions, rehabilitation, dementia and end-of-life care. Best practice is a continually evolving and leaders need to keep their skills up to date and responsive to the latest recommendations. Opportunities to develop while gaining an accredited qualification in health and social care or a more specialist service should enable managers to continue their CPD beyond level 5. These advanced practitioner courses enable individuals to build on their strengths and will empower them to follow their interests and goals while gaining professional credibility in the sector.

Managing self and own professional development in social care Managing self and own professional development in social care

Leading specialist services

Specialist services support people with a range of complex conditions including people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental illnesses and social care is provided in many different forms, ranging from some extra help around the house and assistance with washing and dressing, through to help with building positive relationships, access to specialist equipment, or full-time residential care. The care a person receives is dependent on their specific needs. The team of carers and their manager will have specialist training and understanding of individual complex needs and professional updating will be key to support people in line with enablement and best practice guidelines. A registered manager of a specialist service will undertake continuing professional development that qualifies them as a lead practitioner in their field and a mentor and leader to their team.

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