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Assistive Technology in Social Care

Tuesday 9th July 2024, 11:00am – 12:00pm

‘Join us for an enlightening session where we delve into the transformative power of technology in social care. We’ll explore the everyday tech that surrounds us, revealing hidden features that can enhance safety and simplify life for social care staff and those they support. Learn how to harness these capabilities to foster a safer, more connected care environment.’

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Skills for Care webinar: New managers – What resources and support is available

Wednesday 26th June 2024, 14:30pm – 15:30pm

‘This webinar will introduce new managers to the support and resources available from Skills for Care and where you can find this information on our website. Discover how we can support you with recruiting and developing your staff and the support available to help you effectively lead your organisation, develop best practice and keep up-to-date with guidance.’

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MILE pathway newsletter – 27th May 2024

The key topic for this week’s newsletter is Strengths-based leadership. Strengths-based leadership in health and social care focuses on identifying and leveraging the unique skills and abilities of individuals and teams to enhance service delivery and outcomes.

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Celebrating Excellence in Care: Annual West Sussex Care Awards 2024

‘The Annual West Sussex Care Awards took place on the evening of 23rd May 2024, at the prestigious Long Furlong Barn in Worthing, honouring the outstanding dedication and achievements of professionals and volunteers in the care sector. The event highlighted the exceptional contributions of individuals and organisations committed to providing exemplary care services in West Sussex.’ – West Sussex Partners in Care

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Skills for Care’s new ‘Induction Toolkit’!

Skills for Care recently released their new induction toolkit to ensure a positive and welcoming start for new workers. The toolkit guides you through various stages of the induction process with practical advice, checklists and resources to support each stage. The resource also provides advice on inclusion, diversity, and cultural awareness as well as inducting disabled workers.

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MILE pathway newsletter – 20th May 2024

Welcome to another update on ‘what’s new in adult social care’ showcasing some of the key courses and resources for social care leaders. If you have any feedback or requests for future newsletter topics please send them to our project lead Juliet Smith as we would love to hear from you!

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MILE pathway newsletter – 29th April 2024

Effective communication between staff and the individuals they support is essential for accurately identifying needs and fostering trust in care relationships. Strong communication skills can enable care workers to tailor their approach to the preferences of those under their care, promoting dignity and autonomy.

This newsletter shares courses aimed at enhancing staff communication skills across various essential areas, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of person-centred care provided by your service.

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New training sessions with the Sussex Digital In-Reach Team

Microsoft OneNote – Unlock a powerful tool for everyday
efficiency with OneNote
Date: Thursday 16th May at 14:30pm
Description: OneNote excels with its versatility, seamless
organization, accessibility across devices, rich formatting,
integration with Microsoft Office, powerful search, and
collaborative features, making it indispensable in your everyday
life. After mastering OneNote, it inevitably becomes your
favourite tool.
Cost: Free

DSPT IT Systems and Devices – Practical Guide
Date: Tuesday 21st May at 14:30pm
Description: Get practical guidance on IT systems and devices in
the context of DSPT. Learn how to encrypt your device, wipe
content remotely, set up 2-step authentication, access controls,
and regular software updates and maintain data integrity in
accordance with UK regulations.
Cost: Free

An Introduction into using Chatbot Artificial Intelligence
Date: Thursday 23rd May at 10:30am
Description: Enhance your business operations with an
introductory workshop on implementing AI chatbots. These
intelligent systems not only assist in generating care plans by
providing templates and offering suggestions based on resident
data and best practices but also streamline administrative tasks
such as drafting HR letters and other correspondence.
Cost: Free

Proxy Medication Ordering: A Bite-Sized Online Workshop
Date: Tuesday 4th June at 11:00am
Description: A concise workshop on the essentials of proxy
medication ordering.
Cost: Free

Visit the Sussex Digital In-Reach Team’s eventbrite page to view the full list of sessions →

MILE pathway newsletter – 22nd April 2024

Welcome to another update on ‘what’s new in adult social care’ showcasing some of the key courses and resources for social care leaders. It’s been a year since we launched MILE and we have loved working with you all. I hope you have enjoyed the website, the newsletters, and any other support we have been able to offer.

We are hoping we can continue in some form beyond April 2024 and will certainly keep in touch with all the latest development opportunities via our weekly newsletters. We would be really grateful for your feedback as it helps us to improve and lets us know that what we are doing supports you.

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