Eating well as you age – Undernutrition training for frontline workers, professionals and volunteers

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership & Impact Initiatives
Date: Wednesday 5th June 2024
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Delivery mode: In-person
Venue: The Community Kitchen,113 Queens Road, Brighton and Hove, BN1 3XG
Cost: £10
Suitable for: Professionals, volunteers or staff who work with older adults.

Course description:
‘This training will teach you how to identify the signs of undernutrition and dehydration in older adults, helping you gain an understanding of what measures you can take to minimise the risk of these, including demonstrating practical ideas on how to fortify foods. You will explore undernutrition, its causes and effects, have some useful tips and ideas to fortify foods, and learn how to use the handy nutrition wheel as a conversation starter.’

What will this course cover?

  • The role of good nutrition and hydration in older adults
  • The impact of the cost of living/energy crisis and the pandemic on undernutrition
  • Possible red flags when it comes to undernutrition and dehydration
  • The nutrition wheel and how to use it

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Updates from WSPiC

WSPiC’s latest newsletter was sent out Friday 24th May and as usual the mail-out was packed with updates and resources for providers in West Sussex, including the below:

  • Safeguarding Standards Tool
  • MOCH training for Care Homes
  • NEW Dementia website for West Sussex
  • FREE MS training
  • Digital Care Hub: FREE training
  • End of Life training
  • Digital Care Hub latest news

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MILE pathway newsletter – 6th May 2024

Welcome to another update on ‘what’s new in adult social care’ showcasing some of the key courses and resources for social care leaders. If you have any feedback or requests for future newsletter topics please send them to our project lead Juliet Smith as we would love to hear from you!

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MILE pathway newsletter – 29th April 2024

Effective communication between staff and the individuals they support is essential for accurately identifying needs and fostering trust in care relationships. Strong communication skills can enable care workers to tailor their approach to the preferences of those under their care, promoting dignity and autonomy.

This newsletter shares courses aimed at enhancing staff communication skills across various essential areas, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of person-centred care provided by your service.

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New training sessions with the Sussex Digital In-Reach Team

Microsoft OneNote – Unlock a powerful tool for everyday
efficiency with OneNote
Date: Thursday 16th May at 14:30pm
Description: OneNote excels with its versatility, seamless
organization, accessibility across devices, rich formatting,
integration with Microsoft Office, powerful search, and
collaborative features, making it indispensable in your everyday
life. After mastering OneNote, it inevitably becomes your
favourite tool.
Cost: Free

DSPT IT Systems and Devices – Practical Guide
Date: Tuesday 21st May at 14:30pm
Description: Get practical guidance on IT systems and devices in
the context of DSPT. Learn how to encrypt your device, wipe
content remotely, set up 2-step authentication, access controls,
and regular software updates and maintain data integrity in
accordance with UK regulations.
Cost: Free

An Introduction into using Chatbot Artificial Intelligence
Date: Thursday 23rd May at 10:30am
Description: Enhance your business operations with an
introductory workshop on implementing AI chatbots. These
intelligent systems not only assist in generating care plans by
providing templates and offering suggestions based on resident
data and best practices but also streamline administrative tasks
such as drafting HR letters and other correspondence.
Cost: Free

Proxy Medication Ordering: A Bite-Sized Online Workshop
Date: Tuesday 4th June at 11:00am
Description: A concise workshop on the essentials of proxy
medication ordering.
Cost: Free

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