Managing self and own wellbeing

Managing self and own wellbeing

Managers working in social care often prioritise everyone else’s needs above their own but it’s important to remember that looking after your own wellbeing in order to the lead towards the best outcomes and prevent burnout is essential. This involves exploring self-management techniques that really work for you and will support you in your ambition to support everyone else.

Resources for Managing self and own wellbeing


Provider: Education for Health

During the series of three Finding the Leader Within online masterclasses, we will help you find your own level of leadership resilience and build on it, enabling you to bounce back from adversity more easily. You will discover how to manage your internal dialogue to support rather than hinder you, explore being adaptive and authentic, and consider how to lead from within.
Each session is designed to help you to thrive and grow as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or have been leading for some time, there is something for you.

Do you know:

  • The type of leader you are or could be?
  • How to tap into your leadership skills and abilities?
  • How to build your resilience?
  • How resilient you already are?
  • How can you access the skills of resilience and bounce back?
  • How you can get more done and remain productive?
  • How to maintain a healthy life balance?
  • How to be authentic, communicate with authority and empathy?

If one or more of your answers to the above is no, come and join Dr Linda Edwards and Simon Phillips for three action packed masterclasses to discover the leader you truly are.

Leadership is about listening (to yourself and others), making clear decisions, taking action appropriately while looking after yourself. Each session is designed to help you to thrive and grow as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or have been leading for some time, there is something for you. 

Men’s Health

Provider: East Sussex County Council

Support for leaders and managers 

Provider: Skills for Care

New event: The power of registered manager networks

Do you know about the Skills for Care registered manager networks and the benefits of attending?

We’re holding a brand-new event on Thursday 14 September aimed at managers from adult social care services who do not attend a local network and want to learn more. We support over 140 networks across England and at this event, we’ll provide more details about how the networks are run, the benefits of attending, and how we continue to raise the profile of registered managers. The event will also include taster sessions where we will talk about topics, issues and challenges that matter to you. 

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 Thursday 14 September 202310:30 – 12:00 Virtual event using Zoom
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