LGBTQIA+ and Transitioning

LGBTQIA+ and Transitioning

Provider: Care Business Associate Training

Can you imagine growing up feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Can you imagine not being accepted by family, friends and society because you don’t quite fit in with everyone’s stereotypes/ideals?

If you can imagine all that, then imagine what an impact you can make to someone by having more awareness of LBGTQIA+ and being able to understand the challenges people face on a daily basis. Imagine a world where you are accepted as you are – no judgement, no preconceptions – YOU can be part of the change.

By attending this course you will gain an in depth understanding of gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and different terminologies. LGBTQIA+ and Transitioning Training isn’t just important in the workplace, or for the people you support at work, it is essential knowledge for everyone in order for us to live in an inclusive society where people are comfortable in their own skin.

Our team of professional trainers can either deliver our LGBTQIA+ and Transitioning Training face-to-face or online in a virtual classroom. Our online training sessions use Zoom video software and advanced online classroom technology to ensure that they are as engaging and interactive as our in-person sessions.

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